Hi I’m LoveAphid. I am currently a stay at home wife, looking for employment along with the rest of the American population. I live in New England. I love New England. I’m almost 40, but that is purely the number of years I’ve been alive. In my heart, I’ll always be about 10. I love the whimsical, the absurd and the little charming extras in life. Give me a night of cartoon watching and chocolate binging and I am a happy, happy camper. (If you have never seen Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, then I strongly implore you give it a viewing. Love it!)

This blog is about the bits of whimsy I find along the way. It is nothing more than a receptacle of random, silly, happy things that catch my eye. These things can come from the web (probably most of them will), in the form of passages from things I’ve read, in pictures of things I’ve seen out there in the world, and pretty much any other source I can find. They can be crafts, design, art, comics, music, food… anything really.

I will always try to give credit where credit is due. I have no interest in falsely taking credit for another person’s work of whimsy. Consider me a curator of things capricious. Which of course means, that it is my whim that decides what fits in this Museum of Fanciful Fascinations. I gladly accept suggestions for the site, but hold all final deciding rights. To quote a famous butchering of the English Language, “I am the decider.” George W. Bush (Inappropriate, while may be to some people’s fancy, is not what this site is all about. Neither is politics… if Simon Cowell had said “I am the decider”, I still would have quoted it, its funny.)

So there you have it. My little attempt to maintain my focus on the things that make life worth living. Those small moments when a chuckle escapes your lips and reminds you of all the wonderful, silly, funny, WHIMSICAL things that add up to happiness. I hope you enjoy.


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