July 3, 2010

I think this qualifies as Whimsy. Don’t you?

I have recently signed up to be pen-pals with a few lovely ladies from around the world.  The goal being to connect with other people in a more tactile, and old-fashioned manner.  One of the women with whom I am pen-pals, (Hi, J – if you are reading this – wave, wave) has also started me on a journey that I can only imagine will be epic.  She has embroiled me into an ongoing fantasy world through postcards.  A very clear explanation of this,  shall we call it,  fantasy postcard genre, is posted on her website… Dante’s Wardrobe.

Currently there is an expedition underway by James and Kendra, to find the legendary Donut People and the mystical Giant Donut Hole.  This expedition is; as is the way with all expeditions of this type;  being sponsored by and eccentric billionaire, who has so far only communicated through his daughter Rachel.  Much of his sponsorship comes at the behest of Rachel’s interest in the Donut People.  What has inspired this interest, Rachel’s Father  and who the intrepid James and Kendra are have yet to be gleaned.  In time though, I hope their story will be told through their correspondences.

It begins with this…

A Ritual Alter for the Fabled Donut People

The Post Card Reads…

Dear Rachel,  The expedition is going well,  and I think the advance team has made a real discovery in their search for the  original temple of the Donut People.  This image suggests bakery had a high ritual function.  We have yet to discover the location of the massive Donut Hole , however!  Cheers, James and Kendra

Rachel Replies…

From Rachel

Dear J&K, Kudos on the discovery of the elusive donut people.  Finding the hole would secure you place in History.  Father says he’ll gladly sponsor your next foray out to the locate that marvel known only to the donut people.  People around here are talking a bit about the possibility the hole does not exist. They believe you both to be off your rockers.  I say who are they to talk when the new past time is dancing on girders thousands of feet in the air?  Ever  your patroness, Rachel

I think this qualifies as Whimsy.  Don’t you?
July 3, 2010


Strawberry Goodness.

mmmm mmmm good

Too Cute

Mexican Tile

If I were 16 again...

Techno - Berry

Modern Strawberry Fabric

I think Strawberries are super cute. Not just to eat which, Hello! is one of the greater joys of Summer, but also to look at. Such a sweet looking little fruit. Maybe its because to look at them makes you want to eat them, or maybe its that they are heart shaped and cartoon-ish even in “real life”. All I know is that I love them. Fresh and sweet with a little cream, or adorning fabric, stationery and other trinkets. I say Strawberries … Hoorah!

June 23, 2010


Any one who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for sheep (and pink flamingos – but that is a different post.). So when I saw these I just had to post about their super-duper adorableness (I say this is a word and I’m stickin’ to it!).

Baa baa - too cute

I came to the site Jo so and sew from Whip-up, [always a fun romp through crafty land]. I think I might need to make one of these. I mean seriously could they be cuter?

Speaking of cute… Jo so and sew, is a super cute blog but it is not surprising that I like it… she is also participating in Pip’s envelope project, which I just learned reading her blog AND she also loves flamingos. [Jo, I love these birds, but I think they may be swans not flamingos. – no worries though they are so fun it doesn’t really matter!] So that’s sheep, flamingos (or swans either are lovely!) and the envelope project. Any wonder I like this blog?

June 22, 2010

What could be more whimsical than Fairies?

Ever wonder what your name would be if you were to suddenly find yourself transformed into a fairy by an evil troll who wanted to eat you for lunch?  No, well me neither actually but just in case that ever does happen to you, you can get your very own fairy name here.

What’s my name… well its, umm, well its

Your fairy is called Hex Goblinweb
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She is only seen in the mist of an early morning.
She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

Oh and if I did suddenly become a fairy and needed a place to live – it would most certainly be here…

June 19, 2010

The Envelope Project -update

Speaking of Meet me at Mikes… Pip’s Envelope project is moving right along.  You can check out some to the ephemera and cool envelopes that she has collected thus far here at her blog and here.

Also she has set up a flickr set with many pics of the project… too much fun!

This image contains the stuff I sent…

Can you guess what came from me?