Now this is what I’m talking about…

2 Comments to “Now this is what I’m talking about…”

  1. Okay, I now feel like the biggest loser of a sister in the entire world. No, in the entire universe. No, wait, in all of existence. Yeah, now I feel the biggest loser of a sister in all of existence. How did I miss that you have this blog? Seriously! I have been so caught up with the drama of my real life that I missed months and months! I am so sorry.

    Now, to crack you up, the video above actually made me cry! What the H**L is wrong with me?

    Anyway, I love this blog concept. It is so awesome.

  2. Erin
    you didn’t miss it, I kept it quiet until I felt confident I really wanted to pursue it. This past weekend I decided I did. I’m trying to make it a little more defined so I don’t write stupid stream of conscious stuff that makes me cringe when I re-read it.

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